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Discourse™ DFC

Discourse™ DFC is a web-based tool developed specifically for Drug Free Community (DFC) Grantees.

Identify, monitor, and address youth substance use in your community.

Comprehensive information for all DFC Grantees is available in the Drug-Free Communities Support Program 2013 Grantee Handbook.

Identify Substance Use and Related Problems

✔ Implement empirically-validated assessments and screen for a wide range of behavioral issues, such as:

  • Substance Use
  • Depression
  • Bullying/Victimization
  • Suicide Risk
✔Implement as a self-administered assessment or as a clinical tool. Tailored to the particular needs of your community and organization.

Collect and Monitor DFC National Evaluation Core Measures

✔No delay in the delivery of the collected information - it is available immediately.

Address Problems and Reduce Barriers to Care

✔Theory-based prevention content is individually tailored to youths' demographics, stage of change, past behavior, attitudes, norms, self-efficacy, and motivation.

✔Discourse™ DFC automatically scores assessments and implements customized protocols allowing you to connect at-risk youth with local resources and get them the help they need.

Web-based and mobile ready, Discourse™ DFC is accessible fron anywhere and at any time. Provide assessments and prevention information in multiple languages.

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